A mélytengeri dróntechnológia az úszómedencékbe is megérkezett

Deep-sea drone technology has also arrived in swimming pools

CHASING has announced a fully automated and cost-effective professional pool cleaning robot. Thanks to the patented technologies, the equipment automatically detects and follows the shape of the pool and can clean not only the bottom, but also the side walls.

CHASING, a world leader in the research and development, production and sale of industrial-grade underwater robots and drones, has launched an intelligent pool cleaning robot. The company's professional underwater robot submarines are widely used in underwater reconnaissance, fishing, aquaristics, rescue, ship hull inspection, scientific research, water protection and hydropower maintenance.

CHASING CM600, developed for swimming pools, wellness centers, pool maintenance companies or private users, automatically detects the shapes, walls, slopes, and stairs resulting from the shape of the pool, as well as being able to suck itself in and clean the side wall of the pool, which is an extremely critical part due to dirt forming on the water lines. . Thanks to its hydrodynamic design, it does not create eddies or stir up dirt, and its high-performance motors enable up to 5,000 hours of operation with minimal maintenance.

The device can also be operated remotely with a dedicated mobile application, which can be used to clean the pool without special training. Timed cleaning can be set, but it can even be called back to the edge of the pool with one click, so that the operator does not have to go into the water for it. In addition to handling pools of any shape, the robot enables more energy-efficient cleaning than ever before thanks to intelligent route planning.

To date, the company has patented more than 100 inventions worldwide, which have won many prestigious industry and design awards. CHASING products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions of the world, commercial distribution also started in Hungary in 2023. More information about the CHASING CM600 pool cleaning robot and other CHASING products can be found on the website ROBOT.INFUZE.HU .

CHASING CM600 presentation video: https://youtu.be/UtOaKPxax40

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