A Unitree Robotics új generációs robotkutyái novembertől elérhetőek Magyarországon is

Unitree Robotics' new generation robot dogs will be available in Hungary from November

From the end of 2023, the Unitree Go2 product line will be available for purchase at the brand's Central European representative, INFUZE Robotics

Unitree Robotics, a leader in the field of professional and consumer bionic robots, presented its next-generation four-legged robot platforms. The Go2 product family offers eight different types in three categories to meet the needs of different user segments. All models come standard with a laser scanner (LIDAR) used to map spatial patterns, and some models already use the automatic code generation function based on deep learning and generative language model (GPT).

Two years ago, the Chinese Unitree Robotics presented its Go1 platform , which, as the first bionic robot platform for consumer use, created a new segment in the robotics market and was a great success in Hungary as well. The Hangzhou-based company announced the next-generation Unitree Go2 product line in September 2023, which, like its predecessor, is divided into three user segments - consumer, educational and research, and industrial or. law enforcement officers - developed according to their needs.

Unitree Go2 INFUZE

The basic model of the consumer category, the Unitree Go2 Air can travel at a speed of 9 km/h with a payload of 7 kilograms, and the 8000 mAh battery lasts for more than 1 hour. For intelligent off-road navigation and obstacle avoidance, the new model already includes a laser scanner (LIDAR) operating in a 360X90 degree range, which detects terrain objects with an accuracy of 5 cm. The Unitree Go2 Pro, which is also categorized as consumer, already has a higher computing capacity, a higher payload, can reach a top speed of 12.6 km/h, and also includes a 4G connection, voice recognition and music playback functions.

The Go2 models naturally have all the basic functions that their predecessor, the Unitree Go1, had. Thanks to its twelve axes of movement, the robot can easily cope with various terrain conditions and is even capable of acrobatic stunts. The device can be controlled using a mobile phone application (Android and IOS) and the remote control that is part of the standard equipment. The Go2 Pro robot platform also comes with a wireless sensor, which allows the robot to run or walk next to the module following its owner.

Unitree Go2 Infuse

"Despite some misunderstandings, Unitree Go1 and Go2 four-legged robots are not meant to replace living animals. It is a technology that can perform rescue and research work in dangerous and uneven places, thereby saving lives, and can also play a key role in robotics education. And thanks to their striking appearance, they are also excellently suitable for entertainment and promotional purposes, for which they can be rented in Hungary even now," said János Körömi, managing director of INFUZE Robotics, Unitree's Central European representative office.

The types for educational and research purposes are marketed under the name Go2 Edu Plus. This type is already capable of a top speed of 18 km/h, and the increased capacity 15,000 mAh battery provides it with an operating time of more than 2 hours. The most important difference between consumer and educational and research types is that the latter models are no longer only suitable for executing predefined instructions, but with the support of artificial intelligence they can interpret the task and then automatically create a line of code that executes the command using the code generation function . In addition, it will be possible to use additional programming languages ​​for educational robots.

Since the robot is capable of many forms of movement, it can perform tasks where human presence would be dangerous, cumbersome or too expensive. The industrial or developed for law enforcement purposes, Go2 Plus will be available in two versions depending on the equipment, but both types include the built-in display remote control, the 4G communication frequency, and support two-channel 1080P high-definition video signal transmission. Both versions have four lights and high-brightness "fill light" lights. The larger model also has a high-performance 30W, 3000-lumen searchlight system and 10W warning lights (red, blue distinguishing signal), and a digital speaker system with a range of 500-800m, audio playback and text reading functions, as well as a red and blue series flash.

In recent years, Unitree's products have been widely used by universities and companies such as Berkeley University of California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, The University of Tokyo, Nanyang Technological University Singapore Honda Research Institute, Google, Facebook , Amazon, Nvidia, Leica, or DHL. INFUZE Robotics is the distributor of Unitree robotics products in Hungary.

The expected date of commercial launch in Hungary is November 2023. The net end-user price of the first Unitree Go2 Air is HUF 1,567,000 + VAT. Information about pre-orders: robot@infuze.hu

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