Az Unitree bemutatta legújabb ipari robotplatformját

Unitree presented its latest industrial robot platform

The leading robotics company Unitree presented its latest innovation, the industrial four-legged robot platform called B2. The revolutionary development opens up new possibilities in the field of industrial automation, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency, even in high-demand areas such as the construction industry, mechanical engineering, the electricity industry, or the chemical industry.

Unitree Robotics, a global leader in the field of professional and consumer bionic robots, presented its next-generation robot platform, the Unitree B2 model. The new robot platform will also be available in Hungary from the first quarter of 2024 in the range of Unitree's Central European brand representative, INFUZE Robotics .

The solid structure of Unitree B2 enables smooth operation in industrial environments. Thanks to its flexible design, it easily adapts to different tasks and environmental conditions. The modular structure of the robot platform allows for easy customization according to the specific needs of customers. A wide selection of different modules and accessories - such as camera systems, sensors, or even robot arms - helps customers to create the configuration that best suits the given purpose.

Unitree B2 INFUZE Robotics

Thanks to the improved movement functions, a 45° incline, uneven terrain, or debris are no problem for the device, and it moves in all directions without any problems even on steps with a height of 20-25 cm. The general operating time of the new type can be up to 6 hours, it can move at a speed of 20 km/h and can transport a payload of 40 kg. All of this in a life-like situation, with the transport of a 20 kg load, a top speed of 15 km/h and approx. It means 4 hours of operating time. The high load capacity and the operating temperature between -20and +55offer wide application possibilities in areas such as the electricity industry, mechanical industry, chemical industry, construction industry.


With the help of Unitree B2, companies can achieve significant cost savings in the automation of industrial processes, thus increasing productivity and reducing the possibility of errors. B2 is easily integrated with cloud-based services, enables remote control and monitoring, as well as data analysis and optimization. The solution is also suitable for the efficient performance of dangerous, urgent and repetitive tasks, the construction, operation, maintenance and other work of systems, " said János Körömi, managing director of INFUZE Robotics .


Unitree 's products are widely used by universities and companies such as Berkeley University of California, Massachuesettes Institute of Technology, Stanford University, The University of Tokyo, Nanyang Technological University Singapore Honda Research Institute, Google, Facebook, Amazon , Nvidia, Leica, or DHL. INFUZE Robotics is the distributor of Unitree robotics products in Hungary .

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