Magyarországon is kapható a világ első nyilvánosan értékesített professzionális robotkutyája

The world's first publicly sold professional robot dog is also available in Hungary

  • INFUZE Robotics has started the distribution and rental of Unitree robotics products in Hungary
  • From January, the world's first widely available professional four-legged robot platform, the Unitree Go1, will be available in Hungary

The distribution of the products of Unitree Robotics, which develops and manufactures high-performance four-legged robots and robotic arms, has also begun in Hungary. Unitree Robotics is a leader in bionic robots for both professional and consumer use, and is the first company to publicly sell industrial-grade quadruped robots.

Unitree Go1 Infuse robotics

Unitree Go1 is a widely applicable four-legged robot platform for research, education or industrial use. The device can be controlled using a mobile phone application (Android and IOS) and the remote control that is part of the standard equipment. The robot platform also comes with a wireless sensor, which allows the robot to follow the module on its owner and run or walk next to it.

Go1 is capable of many forms of movement, which help it to perform tasks where human presence would be dangerous, cumbersome or too expensive. Thanks to its twelve axes of movement, it easily copes with varied terrain conditions, it is even capable of acrobatic stunts, so it can perform research, survey and rescue work even in uneven areas. The total weight of the Unitree Go1 is 12 kg, which makes the device light and easy to carry, while at the same time it can carry 3 kg of useful weight.

Unitree Go1 Infuse robotics

Unitree Go1 can be equipped with different sensors and accessories depending on the purpose of use. Unitree can use robotic arms to perform various tasks, such as opening doors or moving various objects. It can also be modularly expanded with accessories such as 2D and 3D LIDAR sensors used for laser-based remote sensing solutions, but it can also be used for educational purposes or as a promotional tool, for photo shoots, films and events.

The Unitree Go1 can also be rented together with the controller via .

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