Megérkeztek Magyarországra az iparágvezető CHASING professzionális robot-tengeralattjárók

The industry-leading CHASING professional robot submarines have arrived in Hungary

The commercial distribution of the products of CHASING , a company dealing with underwater drone research and development and integrated manufacturing technologies, has also begun in Hungary . The company is a world leader in the segment of consumer and industrial underwater robots.

INFUZE Technologies Kft. has also started the commercial distribution of CHASING products in Hungary. The Chinese company is a world leader in the research and development, production and sale of high-tech industrial category underwater robots.

CHASING has produced 7 product generations so far, which are characterized by low operating costs, high performance, easy handling and outstanding portability. Depending on the type, the brand's products can dive to a depth of up to 200 meters and take photos and videos in up to 4K quality, so they are widely used in underwater reconnaissance, surveillance and photography, fishing, aquaristics, underwater rescue, hull inspection, scientific research, environmental protection in reconnaissance, water protection and maintenance of hydropower plants. Submarines natively support a number of useful accessories, so they can optionally be equipped with a robotic arm, an underwater sampler, a high-performance sonar or an underwater positioning system.

In Hungary, two industrial types of the brand are currently available, CHASING M2 and CHASING M2 PRO. CHASING M2 is one of the world's first underwater robot submarines designed for light industrial use. The manufacturer supplies the model with a digitally stabilized camera system capable of 4K video and 12 megapixel still images, as well as LED lights with a brightness of 4,000 lumens. Additional GoPro cameras and extra lights can be mounted on the front and back of the model, and it also supports a number of sensors, such as laser measuring devices for determining the size of underwater objects, measuring cracks or monitoring fish growth. The weight of the M2 is less than 4.5 kg, so it can be easily transported, even by plane, and used anywhere. It requires one person to operate and can be set up quickly, in as little as 3 minutes.

The M2 has a replaceable battery and MicroSD memory card, and thanks to its patented sealing technologies, it is completely waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. In addition to the machine, the submarine's high-strength impact-resistant plastic case also includes a professional remote control, a remote control robot arm, and a 200-meter coilable cable, which makes the M2 convenient to handle, install, and transport.

The big brother of the M2, the CHASING M2 PRO, in addition to being compatible with common accessories such as robot arms, LED lights and laser scalers, also supports advanced industrial accessories such as large screen control consoles, AC power supplies, interface docking stations, 700 Wh s batteries, USBL positioning systems and additional cameras.

CHASING M2 PRO also supports sonars that are used to survey large areas of the water bottom. Multibeam imaging sonars are primarily used in situations where long-distance mapping is required in dark or murky waters with low visibility. In addition, sonars can be used to map the structure of underwater objects, and they can help inspect ship hulls and maintain dams. Sonars can scan and map a wide range of waters during search and rescue, but they can also search for preset targets when exploring an area.

Product presentation videos:

CHASING M2 Pro robot submarine

CHASING M2 Value Pack


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