Robotkutyák szállították a sporteszközöket az Ázsia-játékokon

Robot dogs transported sports equipment at the Asian Games

THE The application of Unitree Go1 robot dogs at the Hangzhou Asian Games perfectly demonstrates how the organizers of sports events can use modern technology to increase efficiency and security, and last but not least, to entertain the audience .

Furthermore, the developments achieved in the field of robotics can not only contribute to the smooth running of events at sports events, but can also help work at any exhibition or professional event.

INFUZE Unitree Go1

Photo: Asian Games

At this year's Hangzhou Asian Games, for example, Unitree's Go1 robot dogs took an active part in the successful event. Transporting sports equipment, such as discus and javelins, is traditionally a labor-intensive task, so the use of robots in this area can result in significant labor savings. In addition, thanks to their precise movement and programmed behavior, robots can guarantee safe and efficient task execution, and they also act as a spectacular show element.

Unitree Go1 is the world's first mass-produced quadruped robot platform. The 12 kg structure is capable of intelligent tracking with a load capacity of 3-5 kg, and with the help of the patented SSS sensor module, it was developed for advanced depth and distance sensing. The wide-angle camera and depth sensor modules enable the robot to navigate and recognize objects based on artificial intelligence. In addition to industrial and research use, it is also popularly used in university education, as it is highly programmable.

The application at the Hangzhou Asian Games is an excellent example of the benefits of human and machine collaboration, and the range of possibilities is constantly growing as to how technology can be utilized in the world of sports.

Unitree Go1 Infuse

Photo: Asian Games

The Unitree Go1 robot dog has already been met at several exhibitions and events in Hungary, and the improved Go2 model will arrive in Hungary at the end of this year. The next-generation four-legged robot platform already includes a laser scanner (LIDAR) used to map spatial patterns as standard equipment, and some types already use the automatic code generation function based on deep learning and generative language model (GPT).

INFUZE Robotics is the Hungarian representative of the Unitree brand and the exclusive Central European distributor of robot dogs.

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