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FJD PONY 500 - Portable power plant - 500W - 504Wh

FJD PONY 500 - Portable power plant - 500W - 504Wh

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Ultra-portable powerhouse, take it anywhere

The FJD PONY 500, FJDynamics' first ultra-portable powerhouse, was born to break the boundaries of significant performance and practical size. Since it is half the size and weight of similar power plants on the market, it is not only portable, but also extremely light. Take it with you on the go, camping or just in the garden.

7 outputs:

1x XT60 - 500W max - 58.8V

1x USB-C - 140W (28V, 5A)

1x USB-C - 100W

1x USB-C - 65W

2x USB 3 QC - 18W

It's as light as your laptop

The FJD PONY 500 weighs only 3.6 kg, so you can take it anywhere without straining.

It's as small as your lunch box

The FJD PONY 500 supplies your life with energy, while leaving room for important items in your backpack, bag or even on the bookshelf!

She is as stylish as a fashion model

The brushed aluminum exterior creates a stunning visual impact that oozes sophistication, modernity and style, accented by a unique leather handle. Put the FJD PONY 500 powerhouse in the living room or take it outside and stand out from the crowd.

Safety comes first

FJD PONY 500 is born to solve your electrical safety concerns, providing a safe and reliable 48V DC (direct current) power source, which is lower than the human body's safety 60V DC voltage, so no additional voltage protection is required.

Silent operation

Without the inverter and fan, the FJD PONY 500 produces 0 dB of noise, so you can concentrate on what you are doing next to it.

10 times more power with series connection

In the case of a FJD PONY 500, up to 10 devices can be connected in series with a single cable, so an impressive 5000W/5040Wh power can be achieved.

Use it as an uninterruptible power supply

The uninterruptible power supply allows charging and discharging at the same time. 0ms transfer time ensures essential devices such as Wifi routers stay connected and you never have to worry about power outages again.


Capacity: 504 Wh (50.4 V, 10 Ah)
Net weight: 3.6 kg
Size: 221x146x82mm
Operating temperature: -20°C~55°C
Charging temperature 0°C~45°C
Operating voltage 40~58.8V
Battery type Triple lithium-ion battery
Life cycle: 1000+

Ports on the PONY 500

XT60 port: 500 W max (40 ~ 58.8 V, 10 Amax)
Type C port 140W (28V, 5A)
DC port (only for connecting DC Box): 500 W (40 ~ 58.8 V, 10 Amax)
DC Box5 ports

Type-C 1 100W (20V, 5A)
Type-C 2 65W (20V, 3A)
USB 1 18W (5V, 3A)
USB 2 18W (5V, 3A)
Charging time

100 W GaN charger (included in the package): 5 hours

Dustproof level: IP4X
Operating humidity 0-90%
UN38.3, CE certification

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