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Unitree Go2 Air - Quadruped robot platform

Unitree Go2 Air - Quadruped robot platform

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Unitree Go2 - Absolutely revolutionary!

The world's most popular four-legged robot platform just got even better!

Main characteristics:

- 4D LIDAR technology

- Maximum speed: 18 km/h

- Maximum operating time: 2 hours

- Maximum engine torque: 45 Nm

- Improved tracking system: ISS 2.0

- Wireless connection: Wifi 6/Bluetooth/4G

    Unitree Go2 - Infuse

    4D LIDAR with an ultra-wide viewing angle? Standard equipment!

    As standard equipment, the new Unitree Go2 includes Unitree's self-developed LIDAR system, which scans the robot's environment 360° x 90° and improves orientation by 200% compared to the previous version. The Unitree Go2 is thus capable of orientation in 3 dimensions with minimal blind spots and an accuracy of 5 cm.

    Intelligence embodied: optional GPT language model support

    The new Unitree Go2 can optionally be ordered with GPT language model support, with the help of which it can interpret and execute the commands of its operator.

    Unitree Go2 GPT INFUZE

    Impressive movement and boundary-pushing poses

    Compared to its predecessor, the Unitree Go2 features many new forms of movement, including jumping, "squatting" and even standing on two legs. These movements may seem simple to a human, but for robotics it is a real revolution that it can stand stably with 2 touch points instead of 4.

    Unitree Go2 - INFUZE

    150% longer battery life

    Unitree Go2 comes with a more than twice as powerful battery compared to the previous model, so it can operate for up to 2 hours on a single charge.

    Unitree Go2 - INFUZE

    ISS2.0 - Intelligent tracking system

    Thanks to the new vector positioning and improved control, the orientation accuracy of the Unitree Go2 has improved by 50% compared to its predecessor. Thanks to improved obstacle avoidance, the robot can follow its operator up to a distance of 30 meters.

    Renewed mobile application

    The new application now provides the user with HD image transmission and real-time LIDAR information. With the optional mobile connection, the robot can be controlled remotely.

    Unitree Go2 - Infuse

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